Designers: Gisselle Costa, Xijia Cheng and Sae Hu
Photographer: Yuco Li
Model: William Hsu
Historically,  womenswear fashion brands are designed by men. Most lingerie brands for women in the modern day are not only designed by men, but the way they are marketed is particularly for the appeal of the male audience. The term, “the male gaze” is notorious for being the essence of all that is misogyny--ideas of masculine superiority and the objectification of women. On the contrary, the female gaze views women as the subject not object, representing the point of view of the female spectator. For our project, we wanted to reinvent the male and female gaze, subverting predisposed expectations regarding sexuality. Through our garments and designs we hope to convey a message of gender equality and sexual liberty in a conceptual manner. We intend to use techniques of emphasizing specific body parts associated with the objectification of females as well as motifs such as hands and eyes. As a whole, our project is meant to signify the importance of embracing the body and human sexuality through outré designs. 
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