I have always felt at odds with the reality I exist in. And for as long as I can remember, I have latched onto any outlet that might transport me to another time, another realm, another astral plane. I believe in the possibility of a place that seems far more captivating than what lies at my fingertips, the possibility of “other”—whether it exists purely in my own imagination or not. It is why I hold a personal inclination toward the historical and fantastical. Where an object—too anachronistic for the contemporary—tells me a story from a time so unlike my own it feels too whimsical and magical to be true. And I simply must have it. So, it makes its way into my own personal cavern of absurdities where unique treasures that have stood the test of time and space exchange stories and legends of both fact and fiction until they create a new realm of their own. 
Photography and Cinematography: Peter Demas
Models: Olivia Callender, Marianna Nouss, Daniella Costa, Peter Demas, and Julia Olney
Location: Lalita Group
Production Assistants: Daniella Costa, Peter Demás, and Julia Olney
Part I: Caught Morpheus in the Blue Room 
Part II: A Soiree in the Violet Boudoir
Part III: The Solar Trove
Part IV: Red Room Carousel
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